Westinghouse Appliance Repair Service

Westinghouse Appliance Repair Service

The first name of modern brand Westinghouse, founded in far 1886, was Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company. Its founder, a great American inventor George Westinghouse, had plans to create a big corporation covering various industrial areas.

At first, the company’s plans didn’t include the production of household appliances because it was involved in lighting projects and the production of hydro generators. Only later, after 1917 and the purchase of the Copeman Electric Stove Company, the corporation started to design and manufacture household appliances.

Models of modern home appliances from Westinghouse

In 1975 the corporation was redeemed by the larger one – Electrolux. White-Westinghouse till nowadays is the property of Electrolux. It produces various models of:

  • Fridges.
  • Washing machines.
  • Dryers.
  • Household air conditioners.
  • Dishwashers.

Among private innovative developments, introduced by the company in the field of home appliances production, are the following: automatic washing machines, fridges with the sealed refrigerating unit, refrigerators with automatic defrost mode, compact dishwashers. Modern models of home appliances by Westinghouse are advanced technical devices: they help to decide different home tasks (cooking, cleaning, maintaining optimal air temperature).

Call Our Westinghouse Appliance Repair Experts

Westinghouse appliance repair solutions are available

Our professional home appliance repair company covers a broad array of Westinghouse models often used by people in the kitchen, bathroom and all over the house, too. We adapt our facilities to the needs of all people living in Ontario making appliance repair near me services possible and convenient. Our same day appliance repair solutions include:

  • maintenance and fix washing machine;
  • fix dryer and dishwasher troubleshooting;
  • fridge and freezer repair;
  • electric stove repair, cooktop, and oven quick restore.

Smart repair of kitchen and bathroom units at affordable prices

Our advanced appliance repair service delivers exceptional and professionally executed fixing and maintenance with wonderful results at completely affordable prices. Nowadays the owners of such Westinghouse appliances like fridge, washer, dryer, dishwasher as well as many other ones utilized in the household may suffer from overinflated fixing prices not knowing whether the final result satisfies them, which is the essential difference of our trustworthy fixers from other repairs suppliers in the province.

On the other hand, the final price of our home appliance repair service is usually announced to the client after making meticulous diagnostics and inspections of the faulty device. Our knowledgeable and trained appliance technician team is able to find out and remove any possible type of household devices malfunctions that ever exist. We deal both with major and minor fixing problems.

Westinghouse Appliance Repair Service
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